Last Chances And New Beginings 

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Update – The book is not currently available A couple of days ago I got a Facebook message from Tim Bowman asking me to promote his new book about teaching Forget Being the Favourite. Normally I only share displays stuff but I always check things out in case they have some relevance to displays. I’m […]

Classroom Display Courses 16

Classroom display courses available online Classroom display courses can be quite hard to find. Face to face courses or INSETS often take up a whole day and I know that eats into your valuable time. That is one of the reasons that classroom display courses work so well for e-learning. It is an ideal topic […]

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A display makers toolbox

A Display Makers Toolbox

In response to lots of requests I’m doing a series of posts to help NQTs and new teaching assistants understand the basics of classroom displays. If you are fairly new to making classroom displays there are some basic points about classroom displays that can be a bit confusing. If you want more why not join […]