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Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch, originally uploaded by LindaH.

Another story check list display from our Year 2 classroom. There are other displays in the room that showcase children’s own work. I still have mixed feelings about something that’s so obviously the work of an adult. How effective are such informative displays?


Popping back into this classroom a few days later I found a much more interactive display. A bo’sun’s line (like the one in the story) had been added. It looked great! There’s Hamish, looking suitably glum, being mobbed by a gang of hungry seagulls

Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch 1

A basket of food has also been added and this was where the interactivity came in. The children had been asked to sort food that might be in the Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch into food groups and talk about making healthy choices. Thus meeting one of their science targets at the same time.Then children then chose a variety of food to go into the basket:

Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch 3
People somtimes search for this post and forget the apostrophe, so just for them you could call it The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.