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French – an interactive weather display 3

Le Temps, originally uploaded by LindaH.

This display was used daily, right from the start of term with a Year 5 class. A five to ten minute discussion, in French, right after registration. This Year 5 class had some experience of French in Year 4 and were ready to start to move on. A rota was set up so that each day a different child was responsible for the weather forecast session. The child took charge, with TA support, and the class answered set questions to provide the forecast in French.
The activity worked on days of the week, weather volcabulary and simple question and answer sentence structure. It took what could have been a boring drill activity to a higher level. It was particularly powerful because of the high level of interaction and because the children liked standing by the board, pretending to be The Weather Person on TV!

The weather symbols were taken from the BBC web site, printed out, and laminated. They were used in conjunction with the sentences as visual/kinesthetic aids to introduce the volcabulary. The whole display could be easily taken down and stored for further use.