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Properties of Materials Year 3 2

Properties of Materials Yr3, originally uploaded by LindaH.

This properties of materials classroom display was done as a small group sorting and vocabulary activity for an able group with lots of discussion.
The property labels are printed off and laminated. The group are split and each half are given a box of identical items, a different assortment of labels and are asked to use the labels to sort them.
The two groups then come together and have to agree which labels are most descriptive of the properties of the materials each item is made from. There’s lots of discussion and an experienced TA can help them make sure they back up their arguments.
Once labels are agreed the items are put on the display with their labels. Just don’t ask how I reached up!
You must use lots of sticky putty or even better velcro sticky pads or they’ll fall off! I have also put stuff in plastic envelopes and pinned them up with drawing pins which I think worked slightly better.

I’ve blogged this display in response to a request in the Skribit box in the sidebar of the blog. Look out for more displays suggested by readers over the next few weeks and don’t forget to add own suggestions or vote for the ones you’d like to see.