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What is a friend – anti bullying week 2008 2

What is a friend, originally uploaded by LindaH.

It’s Anti-bullying week at the moment and I thought as a change from previous years I’d pick out some more positive displays. Rather than being against something these displays promote things that will help to create a whole school culture where bullying is less acceptable. Let’s face it bullying isn’t an issue we can make a fuss about for one week a year and in many ways it’s much more important to change the ethos of the school.
I’m particularly fond of the next one as the idea for this hall display came from a child with some special needs who knew exactly the kind of school he needed, one where bullying just wasn’t tolerated.
Happy school
There’s an excellent article in this month’s Learning Support magazine about bullying and SEN which I wish every TA and teacher would read.
Of course there are also excellent resources on the Bullying UK site.