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Chinese New Year Displays

Chinese New Year is a great topic for classroom displays and always popular with readers. One of the most popular posts on this site is this Chinese New Year Dragon (with full instructions – see the comments section)That one produces a hanging dragon display but what else might you do? Here are a few ideas and resources to inspire you.

2012 is the Year of the Dragon so I thought we’d concentrate on dragons for these displays. The New Year falls early this year (Monday, 23 January 2012) so you haven’t much time. Any of these ideas from the Classroom Displays Flickr Group will give a good result in quite a short time.


 Dragon Mask


First up comes this dragon mask from Avon Grove Charter School.This gives an impressive effect that  is fairly easy to achieve. The main part of the dragon is just assembled from construction paper. Children could be encouraged to research and design their own version. There are ready-made patterns for dragon masks available but this is so simple I think it could be a good opportunity for some interaction and creative input. Once you have the main mask done it is a simple matter to add some red streamers and there you are, one dragon to add to a display.

Individual Dragons

Next even more dragons from Dogboneart. This time children have made individual dragons using just a concertina folded piece of A3 and some folded streamers.

These are fun and if you wanted to make them look a little more appropriate for New Year I would suggest limiting the colour palette to dark red and yellow. Some gold metallic paper or sequin waste would also work well. If I had enough space I might be tempted to put these on a black background with red borders.

Happy New Year

Thirdly we have more dragons from Aolife (poppiesandlilies), this time a little more formal. The children have coloured in a template dragon head and then added a concertina folded body made from construction paper. I like the choice of red backing paper here though I might have added some black areas to provide some more contrast.

Chinese New Year Display Resources and Activities

Key colours to work with for Chinese New Year are red, black and gold. This can be tricky if the whole school is competing for scarce display materials and resources so you might have to get creative.Much of your red and black paper might have been used at either Halloween or Christmas so you might be a little limited. Making use of red card and black and gold marker pens can be one way round it. Also consider using a yellow or orange border for either a black or red board. Of course if you have already got a board that was backed in red then sprucing it up with new borders and labels might be all that is needed. Chinese New Year displays are quite short-lived and will need to come down at half term so keeping it simple and recycling where possible is probably a good idea.
Teacher’s Pet have really gone to town on these this year with some fantastic Chinese New Year display resources. In the role play section they have everything you need to set up a Chinese Take-away. There are also banners and other items for Chinese New Year displays. As usual their display resources are free, though they do ask for a donation. Some of the activities are on their members site and that does cost to join, though it is very reasonable for such high quality resources.

Draw A Dragon

This  great tutorial with step by step instruction for helping children to draw a Chinese dragon can be found on Miss Julie’s Art School blog

Quick and Easy Dragon

If you have some coloured plastic cups that you don’t need then this  idea from Jellyish Jelly might be just what you need. You can do something similar with cut up painted egg boxes if you want a smaller dragon.






A New Year Banner

Finally Early Learning HQ has a lovely multi-language Happy New Year display banner  (great if you have plenty of red and yellow ink for printing it out!) and lots of other ideas and activities.

Have I missed anyone’s favourites? Do let me know in the comments section.