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Classroom Displays – the Last Online School

Important Update: Applications to the Classroom Displays School Are Now Closed

May 2020 – I am currently working on a series of short books which I will help you with your displays and visual learning issues during this difficult time. More details soon…

In a few weeks I will be opening the doors to welcome you to the Classroom Displays Online School for the very last time. This is your last chance to work through either or both of the current displays courses at your own pace. I will not be running any more online Classroom Displays courses after this one.

Details about the last Classroom Displays Online courses

Book your place on the last Classroom Displays Online School below

The  School takes place entirely online and you can access the modules whenever you like, for as long as you like. The course happens on a dedicated, password protected private website attached to this one.

You can see the public facing side of the site here Classroom Displays Training

The Online School will available to you from the end of March to the start of September 2020.

Your Learning Experience will be :

Self Paced, Flexible and Self Directed.

I have written before about how helpful working at your own pace can be and the Online School is an excellent example of this kind of learning.

  • You can work in your own way, at times convenient to you.
  • You can set your own deadlines for each assignment and, with my help, you will meet your objectives.
  • You can choose to work on the modules in the order that suits you
  • You can present your assignments in your own way, be that written, images, video or spoken word.

You can even change the modules to suit your own needs with my help.

Some modules may not be totally relevant to your setting. Work on the ones that are and we can work together to create something appropriate to your own needs to replace any that are not applicable.

Why not make this summer one of your most productive for your career development and join us at the Classroom Displays Online School?

Not sure it is for you? Ask me in the comments or read more here


I also will be publishing a FAQ which I hope will help you decide if you want to join us.