Classroom Display – Materials, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ 2

‘Where the Wild Things Are’, originally uploaded by norirelibjk.

This excellent wall display was made for an assembly hall. Using the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ as a starting point this Year 2 class made up their own monsters using different materials.
'Where the Wild Things Are'
Assembly hall displays give a great opportunity for classes to share their work with the rest of the school. Hall displays tend not to get changed quite as often as classroom displays but it is important to keep them fairly fresh. I think they should be changed at least once every term. The subject needs to be even clearer than for a classroom wall as the audience will not have been involved with the work and so will not have much context for it.

In my old school hall displays were often put up in conjunction with a Sharing Assembly where the class concerned shared what they’d been doing with the rest of the school. It usually worked well and provided an extra opportunity for the class to reflect on not only what, but also how they had learnt about a topic.

This is such a lovely display and it is based on one of my all time favourite children’s books. I think every child should have a right to meet Max in his wolf suit and travel with him to the wild rumpus and be home in time for supper to be “still warm”.

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  • Michaele Sommerville

    Hi Linda, thanks for visiting, I hope you don’t mind that I’ve returned the favor! I LOVE this display as the story is my all-time favorite book by Sendak. The different art techniques used work exceptionally well in the combined effort, and oh yes, the staple remover you love so much has been one of my favorites too! It doesn’t chew up the students’ art or your bulliten board trim! Take care, hope you don’t mind if I continue to drop by.

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