Classroom Displays for Chinese New Year 4

Classroom dragon, originally uploaded by hale_popoki.

This was the first ever display on the Classroom Displays blog and I thought I’d revive it as it remains one of the best I’ve seen for Chinese New Year.
Tina said this display was:

used in our multicultural performance today.
(After school I removed the grip sticks and hung the dragon up in the classroom.)
The body is made of paper plates all strung together….one plate for each student (and one for me) Each plate has a self-portrait drawing on it

She also adds some important advice:

If you do try it, I’d suggest NOT using tissue paper for the dragon scales. It wrinkles too easily, especially if little ones are handling it.
Our school colors are red and gold, and the quickest way for me to get the red and gold paper on short notice was to go to the gift wrap section of the local Walgreen’s! However, gold was only available in gift wrap tissue. On the plus side, I used the school die-cutter to cut out the dragon scales, and that was done quickly using the thin tissue paper.
I think this school year I will try to shop around for inexpensive red and gold wrapping paper around Christmas time. =)
It took me a lot longer than I thought to string all those plates together (and I crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t fall apart as the students paraded across the stage with it! It didn’t……phew!)

I’d love to have seen it in action! If you do decide to copy it please let me know here. I’d like to see other people’s interpretations of the dragon.

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4 thoughts on “Classroom Displays for Chinese New Year

  • Jodi

    awesome!!! Can you post instructions? I am a chinese teacher in australia and would just LOVE to create this and display it in our classroom!

    Well done


    • Linda

      You will need:
      Large paper plate for each class member
      Gold and red shiny wrapping paper
      String (gold crochet cotton is fun but optional)
      Green card for feet.
      A good drawing/painting of a dragon head a little bigger than the plates.
      Cut at least 10 red and 10 gold circles for each plate.
      Use a hole punch to make 2 holes on each plate. The holes should be at the sides about in the middle. (for the string later)
      With the class
      Give each child a plate and use paints to make a self portrait (We limited the colours to red, green, and let them add detail with a gold pen when dry)
      Stick the red and gold circles (scales) over-lapping slightly alternating round the rim of the plate
      Attach a stick to the back of each plate. Check it’s the right way up! Use masking tape, it’s easier.
      If time choose one group to paint the head of the dragon or use pre-printed one.
      Stick the head onto green card copying the picture above. Make two holes in it at the middle of the edges.
      Attach a holding stick.
      Cut a set of feet from green card and attach to the plates about a third of the way along.
      Here comes the tricky bit!
      Use your string or gold thread to string the plates together. That’s what the holes in the rim were for. You need to spread them out so that there’s room for each child to stand underneath and hold their stick. We did it by standing each child with their plate and threading through, but there were two of us!
      The fun bit
      Do a dragon dance!
      To hang
      Remove holding sticks (easy if you used masking tape!)
      Add at least 2 sets of strong string hanging handles to each third of the dragon. Make the set in the middle shorter. See picture. If you use gold thread you might want to double it.

  • Rong

    Classroom display is very important in teaching literature, culture and language. I appreciate a lot for the practical advice about the use of tissue paper.

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