Garden Sculptures

Year 3 had an interesting time with the sculpture module. During Term 3 of 2006 our Year 3 Class designed sculptures to go in our Circle Garden. The garden was originally designed by pupils who won a competition to fund the building of the project. It’s a lovely addition to the playground and sometimes gets used as an outdoor classroom, especially for circle time.


I’d hoped that the children’s designs would be made up on marine ply (with the help of our learning mentors) but there just wasn’t time. It’s a shame as they would have added to the already magical space. Instead we made clay models & painted them. We also used Photoshop to add the designs to photos the children took of the garden.

This photo was a display of sorts. We used it as the desktop for the two classroom computers 🙂 and the rest of the photos became a screen saver.

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