Our Circle of Friendship 2

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This hall display was made to represent the diverse nature of the school population.

The background was divided up with masking tape and painted with fabric paint. The hands were made by children drawing round their own hands, cutting them out of felt, and sticking them on. It was made with the help of one of our school’s learning mentors, Julie Lawrence. It’s meant to symbolise the circle of friendship in our school.

I think it looks very effective with the light coming through and it carries an important message. Many of the children who worked on this were troubled in some way and the learning mentors used the making of the display as part of an informal friendship building programme.

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2 thoughts on “Our Circle of Friendship

  • Linda Post author

    Thanks Tasneem. It is all about connectivity really. It was such a lovely project and it has remained up for a long time. It helped that it was made of fabric rather than paper. I think it would be a lovely thing to do on the first day in a new classroom 🙂
    Please take a photo of their work. I’m currently writing a post about how to contribute to the images I use here. Watch this space!

  • Tasneem

    I think it is a very impressive idea . To me it seems to be depicting connectivity and togetherness. I want to use this idea with my children on the first day in the new classroom.
    Thnx for sharing

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