Rainbow on the window – colourful collage 2

Rainbow Collage

Rainbow Collage

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A vibrant window display is just the thing to cheer up a ‘spring’ classroom. I love the effect Megan has achieved with this one.
As you can see in this detail it’s collaged from magazines

Megan says:

Before class, I cut the rainbow shape out of a roll of white paper and marked the 7 color divisions. I had my class (2nd) mark which colors went where and gave them magazines to cut out any great examples of each color. Each table was assigned a color, and put their cutouts into a bowl. From there any class that had a free minute of two dug into those bowls and glued the pics on in their spot.

So you can see it’s pretty straight-forward. It really does count as a quick and easy classroom display!
I’ve done rainbows on windows before particularly with Key Stage 1 groups. The groups each did a colour. We painted the window with the following mixture:

Washable Window Paint

Tempera Paints (powdered or premixed)
Clear washing-up liquid (lemon ones work ok, green ones can make colours a bit off)

Mix powdered paint with the liquid till it is about as thick as house paint. With premixed paints just mix in a smallamount of washing-up liquid. Do not make it too runny or it will drip!

Mark out your colour areas with a dry wipe marker pen.

Let each colour dry before adding the next one.

Use masking tape to protect the window frame and be sure to spread newspaper around to protect the area.

To remove paint or touch up mistakes just wipe it off with a dry paper towel. Do not try using a wet towel or it will be a real mess!!

I think I like Megan’s way better anyway!

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2 thoughts on “Rainbow on the window – colourful collage

  • Linda Post author

    Hi Gabrielle, I did Flat Stanley years ago with an after-school reading club. Mostly older children (7-9) they got so much out of it! I was hooked on collaboration projects from then on.

  • Gabrielle

    Thanks Linda for the comment on my blog…I have a few minutes before school so I’d thought I’d say thanks for you lovely comments on my blog and to say that I’m enjoying yours as well. I was looking over one of your ideas. the post card one. Last year I took over another First grade class and they do the Flat Stanley project…so I got a Map or the Us and world and had the Flat People located on the map to teach Geography…the kids loved having this visual to see where they were all going. It was so fun to do. When I have more time I’m really going to dig deep into your blog. thanks for sharing.

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