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Viking Displays and Photos 3

viking display

Viking display – The Vikings Are Coming

The Vikings Are Coming

Viking displays are a popular and usually people go for the classic Viking long boat. Just recently posted in the Classroom Displays Flickr group by Sway1233 this one is particularly fun as it includes photos of the children disguised as Vikings. You can adapt this idea for lots of other displays, of course, pirates works really well. Longboats can be as simple as this one, just a paper shape, or more complex. You can find my post about making a 3d longboat over here Viking Invasion. I love the cheery colours of this display. I wouldn’t want something quite so bright at the front of the classroom but it would be ideal at the back or in a shared area. I am not sure the sea has quite worked. I think I might have kept it more simple as it slightly distracts the viewer from the children and their shields. That’s just me being picky! Overall it is an excellent display.

Viking Voyages

Viking display – Viking Voyages

This Viking display, originally by a teaching colleague of mine, uses the Viking voyages as a starting point. Maps like these are easier to produce than you might think, even if you are not an artist.  You could find the map you want online and get it up on your IWB. Use your browser to zoom in or out to get the image the right size and then use thin paper & gently (very gently!!) trace the outline. This is one of those things that was easier when we had overhead projectors! Alternatively use a service like Blockposters to print out a large version. Your map needs to be simple & stylised if it is to work on a display, so don’t go for anything too detailed. Personally I think I’d have been tempted to get a group involved in drawing the map. It has so much learning potential! This might not be a ‘wow!’ display but it would be (was) a great focus point for a working wall approach. This was the finished version but it had been used over the course of the topic and been covered in sticky notes, questions, prompts etc.

Paper Plate Viking Shields

Paper plate shields are an easy Viking art activity and look quite good on a display once finished. I wonder how many paper plates actually end up on displays, we used to get through stacks of them every term! The classic is to use a flattened foil pie dish for the centre, it can be further embellished with patterns made with a pastry wheel if you’ve time.

Viking Display Shields detail

Viking Display Shields detail

Individual 3d Longboats

Another approach to the Viking display is to go for individual art works and writing. Maureen Crosbie shared this lovely small 3D Viking Ships idea in the Classroom Displays Group. Sometimes simple is really effective.

Viking display – Viking collage

A Reproduction Viking Longboat

In case you need anymore long boat inspiration I saw a really great reproduction one in London the other day. I’ve put a creative commons license on it so feel free to grab it for you display.

Danish reproduction Viking longboat

Remembrance Day Displays Poppies


I love this display for Remembrance Day. The colours work so well together. The black backing paper provides a perfect neutral background for the red of the children’s work and the lettering. The use of a bright green accent as thin border on the board is then repeated as a mount for the work.
Usually I don’t like ‘fussy cutting’ children’s drawings but on this occasion it has worked well. I know I always tell people to position work using guidelines but on this occasion the angles have been carefully balanced. It’s a great visual skill if you can do this but it is hard to get it right. This does.

You can find some really good Remembrance resources including editable poppies, crosses and writing frames at Teachers Pet

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Ancient Greece Display Ideas – Part Two 2

Ancient Greek Myths

Originally posted by supersonic_ibu

Year 5 Design & Technology

This year 5 class worked on another aspect of Greek art for a Design & Technology project:

Using RM Colour Magic the Y5 children designed a picture to go with their myths they had written and we printed them onto t-shirts as part of ‘Talking Textiles.’

I expect they were really proud and excited to have t-shirts they had designed themselves! This display is a very authentic celebration of their hard work and an interesting way of combining Literacy, History and DT, not to mention integrating ICT! A real cross curricular project.

More Displays about Ancient Greece

Lots of people seem to be looking for displays about Ancient Greece at the moment so this is the second of a number that I will be highlighting over the next week or so.

Ancient Greece Display Ideas – part one

Greek Vase display

Originally uploaded by Angela
This simple but effective display comes from a Year 3 class. These are just a few of the vases, the rest were placed on the walls around the classroom.

The vases for this Ancient Greece display were made from black sugar paper, the designs were painted on in orange and once dry fine details were added with black pen. Angela said they were very easy to make but tricky to cut out.

More Displays about Ancient Greece

Lots of people seem to be looking for displays about Ancient Greece at the moment so this is the first of a number that I will be highlighting over the next week or so.

History Classroom Displays -Then and Now 6

History display, Then and Now

This is a lovely history classroom wall display for a key stage 1 class. The Then and Now topic is interesting but can be tricky for Year 1. They have so little concept of the past at this age. Last year seems an age ago to some of them 🙂
It’s a great opportunity for embedding ICT though. It’s worth remembering that ICT in Key Stage 1 isn’t all about computers. I’ve seen it taught very effectively using the following resources:

  • Tape recorder to tape invited in grandparent’s recollections of the seaside,
  • a Slideshow of seaside images from the past up on the IWB
  • Magic Grandad Seaside Holiday (Magic Grandad) used on the IWB
  • Begged and borrowed photos of the local seaside, then and now (This was in Lancaster so Morecambe is just down the road)
  • Learning and recording a variety of old seaside songs (favourites like “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” etc.)
  • A classroom timeline border that stayed up and got longer through the year.
  • Softease timeline CD
  • Clicker grids for My Seaside Holiday
  • Role play room transformed into a beach and seaside cafe.
  • Robust hand held tape recorders for interviewing each other in role

Image Source:Angela Oxen