Making big images for displays 1

Enlarging and Printing Images for Classroom Displays

On a recent training day I gave, one of the most popular sections was using the Blockposter web site to make really big images for classroom displays.

The site is really easy to use and pretty straight-forward. It often gives a better result than the old fashioned way of drawing big images using an overhead projector, though for simple images that still has a place.

Ancient Greece Display Ideas – Part Two 2

Ancient Greek Myths

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Year 5 Design & Technology

This year 5 class worked on another aspect of Greek art for a Design & Technology project:

Using RM Colour Magic the Y5 children designed a picture to go with their myths they had written and we printed them onto t-shirts as part of ‘Talking Textiles.’

I expect they were really proud and excited to have t-shirts they had designed themselves! This display is a very authentic celebration of their hard work and an interesting way of combining Literacy, History and DT, not to mention integrating ICT! A real cross curricular project.

More Displays about Ancient Greece

Lots of people seem to be looking for displays about Ancient Greece at the moment so this is the second of a number that I will be highlighting over the next week or so.

History Classroom Displays -Then and Now 6

History display, Then and Now

This is a lovely history classroom wall display for a key stage 1 class. The Then and Now topic is interesting but can be tricky for Year 1. They have so little concept of the past at this age. Last year seems an age ago to some of them 🙂
It’s a great opportunity for embedding ICT though. It’s worth remembering that ICT in Key Stage 1 isn’t all about computers. I’ve seen it taught very effectively using the following resources:

  • Tape recorder to tape invited in grandparent’s recollections of the seaside,
  • a Slideshow of seaside images from the past up on the IWB
  • Magic Grandad Seaside Holiday (Magic Grandad) used on the IWB
  • Begged and borrowed photos of the local seaside, then and now (This was in Lancaster so Morecambe is just down the road)
  • Learning and recording a variety of old seaside songs (favourites like “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” etc.)
  • A classroom timeline border that stayed up and got longer through the year.
  • Softease timeline CD
  • Clicker grids for My Seaside Holiday
  • Role play room transformed into a beach and seaside cafe.
  • Robust hand held tape recorders for interviewing each other in role

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Database Teddies 4

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This is a lovely display for an ICT suite or a classroom. Databases are revisted every year in the current KS2 curriculum but it can be hard to make an interesting display out of them. In some ways I like the approach taken in the Greenwich scheme where the intial concepts are explored without using the computers at all. Greenwich uses clowns but the display could easily be adapted. The teddies (or clowns) could be used as visual teaching aids before then being moved onto the display.

Making the teddies can be a time consuming business especially if it’s done by a lone teaching assistant. Much better to have the teaching assistant make them with groups, especially children who need a multi-sensory approach to their learning. During the making of the teddies the teaching assistant can help the children start to explore the concepts they will need for the sessions. This is really valuable learning time and shouldn’t be overlooked. Ideally this can be fitted in before the actual topic starts. It’s always tempting to keep the teddies for next year but it’s much better to do it fresh otherwise the learning opportunity is lost.

A display like this can be built up over a number of sessions which helps to keep it fresh and interesting. Referring to it in session introductions can refresh children’s understanding of concepts and it can even help to form part of the final assesment if a formative approach is taken.