multiply classroom display

I like this numeracy display. It can be hard to get numeracy displays that engage the children. Too often maths displays are made ‘fun’ by using cartoon characters or they are totally made from bought resources. I’m sure the children enjoyed making this one. Once it was on the wall it must have provided a strong visual reminder not just of the multiplication facts but also of the underlying concept.

By the way this image came from an unidentified visitor to a new site from Mark at Teaching Ideas called DisplayPhotos (update – see a more recent post about Teaching Photos). Rather like a small scale Classroom Displays Flickr Group the site allows people to register and upload their own images, tag them and add descriptions and comments. I joined and had a look round and there are some interesting ideas and images there. The site is fairly easy to navigate and could prove useful, especially if you can’t access Flickr from school.


The Snow Queen and Science 1

snowqueen, originally uploaded by LMH_.

The Snowqueen was a half term long year 3 project a couple of years ago. She was huge- larger than life. She dominated the classroom and was actually very well-loved by some children, despite her evil ways (or possibly because of them 🙂 )
The children really loved making her, and the snowflakes which hung from the ceiling all over the classroom. She was a totally cross curricular project.
The snowflakes were made to link in with year 3 maths, lines of symetry and reflection.
She was a traditional tale -turned into a playscript (literacy)
We investigated various materials to judge their suitability for making Gerda a coat to keep her warm (science).
Oh and we went to see a production of the play, in a theatre, at the end of the term. (PSHE – social skills and knowledge of the world).