Fruity Friday May 27th 2007

Fruit basket
The World Cancer Research Fund is organising Fruity Friday on 25th May 2007. The idea is a day of fundraising and awareness. It aims to promote the importance of a healthy 5-a-day diet and lifestyle. It emphasises the importance of diet in the fight against cancer.
There’s a free pack for schools, full of suggestions, ideas and lesson plans. If you are outside the UK some of them can be downloaded rather than having to send for the pack.
Via Year Six Teacher blog.

Golden Rules 1

golden rules, originally uploaded by LindaH.

Year 3 started off this year with a large number of rules they’d chosen themselves. Each of the 4 house groups had contributed their own set. This meant the class ended up with far to many rules to follow and things that were too complex for some members of the class to remember. Generating your own classroom rules is a lovely idea and when we’ve done it before it has worked quite well. This year was different.
We need to intervene and simplify the rules and the language they used. This was designed to help some members of the class who are able to cope better with a reduced volcabulary.
The myriad of rules were quickly put into themes and narrowed down to 4 essential areas. Importantly this process was done as a whole class activity with the assistance of our visiting specialist behavioural management TA. The class still feels ownership of the rules and it was one of the children who suggested calling them the “Golden Rules”. If these simple rules are followed then no one will be in trouble.
We posted the rules in a prominent position in the classroom and also put laminated versions on the tables. We also made a point over the next few days of catching children following the rules and took photos of them. These were added to the display to remind them what good behaviour looks like and that they can all do it.


Feelings, originally uploaded by angela_oxon.

I wonder if these are stock photos or photos of children in the school? I like the general idea of the display but I wonder if it might have more impact for SEN if these were familiar faces. This display is based in the SEN classroom.
There are some good, free, on-line resources for face reading including Rubberface That uses drawings or this one The Feelings (no longer available) game . I’ve used them with children with syntatic pragmatic disorder or just general speech and language difficulties.
On another note I wonder how much the border adds to this display. I’m assuming it is a pre-cut bought one. Personally I think it’s too busy and will distract children from the thrust of the display.
I like the interactive elements though. It might be fun to have 2 feelings wheels – then the person working with the children could express theirs as well!