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Bulletin boardBulletin board, originally uploaded by hale_popoki.

Tina in the USA posted this and she hits on one of the major themes to come up in my research. The issue of time. Classroom displays can eat up time and teachers (and TAs) have to find creative solutions to this.
Click on the image to see her notes and links to close-ups.

This is one of my classroom bulletin boards……I try to change student work on this at least once a month (twice a month would be ideal, but the reality is there isn’t enough prep time to do that usually. Still have the other classroom bulletin boards and the school ones to keep up!)

Gone are the student teaching days when I spent an incredible amount of time planning and putting up a bulletin board…..now my rule is, it’s gotta’ take me 30 minutes or less.
This one was quick because I didn’t die-cut any letters for the heading.

This board is great for accountablity…..I post work as students finish, and it’s pretty obvious by the remaining empty spaces who still needs to finish work! =)

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