Christmas Classroom Displays Inspiration 2

Santa and the Fireplace Classroom Display – what’s the point?

This cheery old elf was one of the first test post on this blog back in 2005. He was one of the most interesting Christmas displays I was ever involved in making. A group of Year 3 children, some of whom who weren’t sure what kind of Christmas they had to look forward to, helped me and it was a great chance for them to talk through their feelings, excitement and worries about the coming holiday. Coming out of the classroom to work with me was an oasis of calm in a busy school day. We drew, painted and stuck tissue paper onto Santa and generally got messy. I learned then never to dismiss that sort of activity as meaningless ‘make work’. It’s a bit like doing the washing up with your own kids. It gives a chance for important conversations that might otherwise never happen.

I noticed in my blog statistics that lots of people are searching for inspiration for last minute Christmas classroom Displays.  I thought I’d share this slide show of a few of the displays tagged “Christmas” from our Flickr Classroom Displays Group.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Classroom Displays Inspiration

  • Linda Post author

    Hi Michaele
    Yes, the holidays were lovely but it’s back to work now. I’d love to see your classroom all decorated for Kansas Day! Do blog it when it’s done, please 🙂

  • Michaele Sommerville

    Happy New Year to you- hope your holidays were wonderful! I’m back to school on Monday, and already have my January displays up- though I’m still working on one for my classroom- this month, my students will learn about and celebrate Kansas Day, so JayHawks, buffalo and prairie scenery will have to do!


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