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Updated – Summer School Now Open .

The study at your own pace, web based

Classroom Displays Summer School 2015 is now open.

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Classroom display courses can be quite hard to find. Face to face courses or INSETS often take up a whole day and I know that eats into your valuable time. That is one of the reasons that classroom display courses work so well for e-learning. It is an ideal topic to learn about on line as you can fit it in around your normal life. If there is a topic in the course that isn’t relevant or that you already know about you can just skip it. If there is something that really grabs your attention you can dive right in and really get to grips with it. You are in charge of your own learning. You are not stuck in a room listening to me drone on about something you don’t need to know!

Classroom display courses available

Summer School 2015


The  study at your own pace, 8 week, summer online classroom displays starter course is now open.
This is the starter course which is suitable for teachers, all kinds of teaching assistants, learning mentors and librarians. We cover all the basics of displays and is suitable for all key stages.

The course costs just £29.99 GBP


I’ll just explain some basics of how it works and what we cover, then please, ask any questions in the comments, if I’ve missed anything.
As I said the course usually has a mix of teachers, teaching assistants and library staff. They can come from any key stage and we often have people from outside the UK involved as well.

How it works

You get immediate access to all the class materials.

Every 2 weeks I send you a link to a page that contains some written explanations of the topic, maybe a video or two and a slide show of examples. There is a handout, sometimes two, to download as well.
What we cover:
1.Why we have displays, ways of using displays for learning
2. Design guidelines
3. Using colour with confidence and mounting work
4. Fonts and lettering for displays

What you have to do
You are expected to read the course materials, it works best if you join in discussions on the site and complete the  practical task each week.

You can share your completed tasks in the private section of the website. You might also want want to share your ideas on the Facebook page or via the Flickr Group, maybe even on Twitter. Sometimes people prefer to respond privately to the tasks by email & that’s fine too.
You keep your access to all the lessons on line for the summer, with an extension if you need it to complete the tasks.

At the end of the course you also get a pdf file of the lessons that you can keep and work through at your own pace.
What you need

  • Internet access
  • An email account

Optional but nice to have:

  • A printer
  • A digital camera, your phone is fine!

What happens after the course
When you complete the course I send you a pdf certificate of achievement  to print out and keep in your CPD folder. The main thing though is that you should be buzzing with new confidence in your displays ability and full of ideas. I hope that we’ll be able to keep in touch and I’m always glad to see display photos from course participants.

Participants will also be entitled to a discount on the Advanced Classroom Displays Course.

Book Now via PayPal (you do not need to have a Paypal account) The course costs just £29.99 GBPEmail me if you need to arrange another payment method :

Other Classroom display courses

  •  An advanced course for those who would like to explore displays in more depth. Update: the next Advanced Course will be in mid September 2015
  • The 4 week Starter Course will be back in September 2015




About Linda Hartley

Hi, I enjoy helping teachers to make their classrooms into interesting visual learning environments. I write most of this site and I also run the Classroom Displays online course which you can find out more about in the sidebar.

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15 thoughts on “Classroom Display Courses

  • Paul Stewart

    Hi Linda my name is Paul and i am a Playgroup Leader, working with Pre-school Children. Just wondering if this course would be of help to me in the pre-school stage, i would be very keen to take part in this short course. many thanks.

    • Linda Hartley Post author

      Hi Paul, yes, if you make displays at your playgroup, then it should be useful. I’ve had people from playgroups before and while not all the content is directly relevant it can be adapted to your setting. I’ve emailed you the details.

  • Aidan

    Hi there,

    I’m a student teacher going into my third year – is this course still relevant for me?

    • Linda Hartley Post author

      Hi Aidan, to be honest it would be much better to wait until you are in school as an NQT really. You have probably got enough to think about going into year 3!

  • Kerry McShane

    Hi Linda, I am an NQT and will begin my first post in September in a primary school setting. Would this course be of benefit?



    • Linda Hartley Post author

      Hi Kerry, the course could be helpful I think. NQTs have done it before and found it useful. I think the amount of coverage displays get in teacher training is very patchy. Some colleges do it very well indeed, others don’t make it much of a priority. The tasks can be done without actually being in school so that’s not a problem.

  • Aisling

    Hi Linda,
    I’m an NQT in Ireland. I have a special interest in visual art and specialised in it in my final year of college, I’m quite artistic but would love to learn how to translate this into creating displays. I know that the system is different in England to Ireland and although I haven’t ruled out going to England next year to get my dip completed, that aside, do you think this course would benefit me as a primary school teacher in Ireland?

    • Linda Hartley Post author

      Hi Aisling, yes I do. Several Irish primary school teachers have done the course and found it useful. Parts of it might seem a bit basic given your background but we do relate it directly to display in the classroom and working with learners. I hope you decide to join us. Regards Linda

  • Christianah

    Hi Linda I’m a teaching assistant for reception class. Do u think the course would be suitable for me?

  • Beth Watson

    Hi linda i am currently studying for eyts and will be starting my nqt year in September. Would i be able to take this course without being in a setting and also what sort of tasks are there to complete.


    • Linda Hartley Post author

      Hi Deb
      Task 1
      Analyse a display and decide what you think are its main aims and if it is effective. You can use a display found online for task 1. In fact that’s what most people do and I do provide some help finding one.
      Task 2
      Then task 2 you make a plan for a simple display on a topic of your choice, which you then share by either photographing it OR describe your plan in words. Many people choose to do it that way.
      Task 3
      You are given a piece of work which you CAN print out and mount, OR you can look at the file and decide how you would mount it and just describe that in words.
      Task 4
      You can either improve the lettering on your plan in the light of what you’ve learned OR say how you would improve one of the examples I provide.