Fair Trade Classroom Display Design

One of our readers had a problem. Hannah wrote:

>hiya saw your website with a variety of different classroom displays, and i was wondering if you had any ideas for the classroom display i have to do, i work in a nursery/reception mixed and have to do a fair trade display moulded around the letters in the alphabet, at the moment i am struggling please can you help. thankyou hannah

I love a display challenge so I had a think and a look round at a few Fair Trade resource sites.  Then it was out with my favourite sketching software to mock up a quick design.

The idea is you use a mix of products – some with the fair trade logo & some without. Helps to get past having to find 26 fairtrade products. As it’s for early years you might just use the letter and not the words.

Children then help you decide which ones go in the trolley. Use string to lead from pictures to trolley for the ones that fit. Maybe even make a 3d basket and put the appropriate letters in? Play with the idea till you get something you like.

You could use a mix of children’s drawings, photos and carefully re-cycled product wrappers for the products themselves. Maybe link it with  a shop in a role play area?

I hope this helps & send me a photo of what you do decide to do! Sometimes just asking someone and seeing their ideas gets your own design juices flowing 🙂

Useful Fairtrade related web sites with lots of lovely free resources:

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