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Andrea from Interim Reports has been to Cathkin Community Nursery this week. She says:

Loved the good news tree, which grows bigger throughout the session – different types of good news – little people who might have managed to sleep in their own bed the whole night, maybe they’ve got a new brother or sister. Huge opportunities for self expression, talking and listening, psd etc etc….

Liz Mercer the Head of the establishment her Depute and staff are inspiring and have a very welcoming ethos and love to share their ideas.

I just love this display! It could be adapted to be used in any school. Wouldn’t it be great to have a huge one in a school entrance or hall?

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9 thoughts on “Good News Displays

  • Monica Saini

    I loved the tree very much please do mail me a close up picture of the tree so that i can also make it and be appreciated by everyone like you and other displays also whcih are beautiful like this one and i hope there may be many more

    • Linda Post author

      Hi Monica, lovely to hear from you. This is a great display isn’t it? I’ll email you a copy later, just off out now.

  • jan

    Loved the display I was justing saying to my friend she should do it too!!!!!!!

  • Jackie


    Thanks for the message, I would love to see a close up picture. We are in the midst of redesigning our front office and I think it is such a cute idea.

    Popping in for a visit might be tricky as I am working at the American School in Mozambique!!!

    That’s why I love this internet based community of sharing so much, it doesn’t matter where you are!

    Thanks again,

    • Liz Mercer

      Thanks Angie
      We love this too! Our children, parents and staff are all part of the good news tree and what’s lovely about the tree is that it celebrates good news outwith the nursery ie. children who have previously left to go to school come back to visit and bring their school work and certificates for us to pin on our “Good News Tree”.
      The wider community are involved also.
      Thanks again for your comment.
      Liz Mercer

      • Jackie Jenkins

        Liz, This is a stunning display and such a great idea of developing home/school partnerships.

        I would love to know the ‘how to’ of putting together such a tree. I think it would be wonderful to build in the front office of my primary school during the summer so it’s ready to start off the year. If you could give me a quick lesson, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

        • Liz Mercer

          Thanks for that Jackie.
          Putting the tree together was really quite simple. We acquired a small tree trunk from the local gardener and placed it onto the floor standing upright. We then stuffed tan tights with newspaper to make the branches. We have leaves big enough to display the acheivement on hand and stickers that say “I’m on the good news tree because…………” They are placed in polly pockets and are accessible every day. If you give me your email address I could send a close up of the tree to give you a better idea if you wish or alternatively please if you can pop into Cathkin and see our work. We love visitors.
          Good Luck with this.
          Kindest regards
          Liz Mercer

        • Linda Post author

          if you send me a close up of the display I’ll add it to the post and then everyone can see how it’s done 🙂 It is a very popular posts and has been visited by several hundred people!
          Send it to


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