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Newspaper Style Lettering for Classroom Displays

Choosing lettering for specific styles of classroom displays can be tricky. Sometimes printed lettering just won’t do the job but that doesn’t mean the computer can’t help you. One of the members of the Classroom Displays Group wanted to know where she could get letter stencils for newspaper style titles for a corridor display advertising their LRC. (Learning Resource Centre). She didn’t want to spend ages in Publisher but like most people who make displays she’s quite handy with a craft knife. I had a quick look through my favourite sources for stencils but came up blank.

That was until I found a few sites with free fonts to use for classroom displays lettering. My favourite was FontSpace but there are many more.You will find a wide range of styles (including some famous and topical ones!) and many that are suitable for craft projects and displays.

It makes life so much easier if you have the right font on your computer.

You could print them out and photocopy onto transparencies or card. (If you use card maybe laminate them).

If you needed even larger letters remember you can always blow them up to A3 on the photocopier.

Cut carefully using a rotary cutter you would then have both positive and negative stencils

They have a range of suitable fonts of which my favourite for this job would be Book antiqua

book antiqua lettering

As this display is for a high school you could have a bit of fun with the style of it. How about copying the headline styles and even the layout of some of the tabloid newspapers? The people who design them know a great deal about catching the eye and the interest of passing readers. This could even form the basis of a series of displays, what do you think?


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