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Library Checkout, originally uploaded by Girl Least Likely To.

Elizabeth says:

Here’s an easy way to keep track of the books your students are reading. It didn’t take much space: note the removable bulletin board.

I think this is a lovely idea. Quick to do, it provides an instant, visual check on readers. But the big plus is that the children can manage it themselves. With a bit of adjustment they could even individualise their pockets. I wonder if it could be adapted for use with reading schemes?

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One thought on “Library Checkout

  • ChrisAnne

    I have a board very similar to this for my high school students. I teach English in a small Christian school and cannot afford a library checkout system. It works great! My heading is “Check It Out” and the students have color coded pockets by grade. They take great pride in filling up their checkout card which earns them little gifts or bonus points in literature. I have used it for 3 years now and love it. Mine is actually made out of an old cabinet door inlaid with cork.

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