Posters for Teachers 1

This is the first in a series of displays aimed at staff rather than pupils. Let’s not forget that the school is a workplace for adults and, hopefully, a learning organisation for all. Displays that use humour can be a useful reminder and motivator for staff. Just change them often before the joke palls.

Adrian Bruce is an Australian teacher who is a great source of posters and classroom ideas. He also has a super blog (A Teacher’s Toolbox) full of good ideas. This one should be printed up A3, I think 🙂

A Poster to go by the School Photocopier 🙂

Worksheet pic

* In years to come will you be stopped in the street by an ex-student and they will bow down before you and thank you for all the exciting worksheets they gave? I don’t think so!
* Please challenge your students and teach them to think.
* Please give your students a 21st Century Literacy skillset.
* Please hang this poster next to your school’s photocopier.

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One thought on “Posters for Teachers

  • Diane Pace

    I love this poster. Great idea to place by the copier. I’ve been in education long enough to remember the mimeograph machine. Were we better educators back then? What has the copy machine done for education?

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