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 Update: Competition now closed.

The book is available to buy from our bookshop and the price has been reduced to under £15.

Prize Draw
The author of the book kindly sent me a copy to review after several people bought it from the Classroom Displays Blog Bookstore. If anyone would like a free copy leave a comment and I’ll pick one at random on June 1st.

Lynn wrote:

Display is a mandatory aspect of teaching and yet most primary teachers have very little proper training on the subject. That’s what inspired me to write “The Rules of Display”!

The intention of the book is to provide basic guidelines rather than to be a source of inspiration for specific displays. It provides a good starting point for novices to display making with sections on Starting Points, Colour, Titles, Frames, and even covers Health and Safety.
Here’s a quote from Chapter 7 , Evaluating Your Learning Environment, which consists of a useful checklist that sums up the tone of the book:

Have you asked the children for their opinion of what is displayed? As in all aspects of learning and teaching, the children should be made aware of why you are doing what you are doing! Share your intentions with the children and give them a voice in the displays. Older children can be taught the main principles of colour selection and arrangement, and make their own classroom displays.

So far so good but, sadly, there is a but. The second half of the book consists of 40 pages of “Photocopiable Resources” . These are really not that useful in this age of computers and clip art and more than a little annoying if you have paid nearly £20 for a book.
Still I like the first half.
Some teachers I showed it to were not impressed. They felt that it was too general and not linked to the curriculum enough. This is hardly surprising as it is written from a Scots perspective and there isn’t a National Curriculum in quite the same way there. (Personally I see that as a plus!) I think there’s quite a lot of food for thought in the book as well as practical advice and it’s a good starting point for students or teaching assistants.

Remember if you want to be in the draw leave a comment on this post
or you can buy the book from the Classroom Displays Blog Bookstore

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12 thoughts on “Rules of Display

  • Linda Post author

    And the winner is Manisa 🙂 All names were written on paper, folded and placed in a hat and someone else drew out one name.

  • Linda Post author

    Thanks everyone who entered 🙂
    The competition is now closed. I will announce the winner very soon.

  • Mandy Box C4

    I work secondary in a very large ITroom (40+pcs). Loads of wall but no imagination. I missed out on a trg session recently whilst covering ICT SATs so desperately seek inspiration. It doesn’t have to be IT as the room is used cross curricular. I’m looking for a kick start into the world of design. Thanks for hosting the competition.

  • Linda

    Thank you all for your kind words 🙂
    I’ll be choosing the winner on June 1st, notifying them and announcing it on the blog.

  • Donna Smith

    Hi Linda,
    I really enjoy doing displays, unfortunately we now have a dedicated person to do the general displays around the school, so I only do our own classroom ones. As I work in year 6 the displays are usually either scientific or mathematically based, quite a challenge to make them interesting, colourful and attractive sometimes. I would love to win your book, I could then share it with the display person and she might let me help her!!

  • Tracy C3

    Hi Linda

    I am a TA in a busy Primary School, I am at present building and putting together a 18ft Long by 7ft high wall display of the rainforest. This is a huge project and with the help of the children, making, painting and printing it is beginning to take shape.
    I have never visited your site, but I have found your boards, colourful, informative and uncluttered. Thank you Linda – The book would be a real bonus as I have never had training!!! But I do love art!. Thanks alot for sharing and advertising.

  • Medusa

    I’m a newbie when it comes to displays – it was previously done by teachers etc but I do enjoy putting them together now that TAs do them instead. 🙂 The book would be fab to win – thanks for the comp! 🙂

  • Crysella Smith

    Hi Linda.
    I teach in secondary sector and I also prefer to do my own displays rather than leave it to the TAs who are worked off their feet in my school and would have to rush it. However i have tried to involve the children, especially in my tutor group and they come up with some really good ideas. Our house board is fantastic and all made and put together by the pupils.

    I would love to win your book but still like others have found inspiration from the displays included in this blog. Fantastic

    Best wishes

  • Kath Marshall

    Hi Linda,

    The thrill of possibly winning something drove me to your blog. Me win….never…but I have by just visiting your blog. What a fantastic place, and now that I have more time on my hands I will be a regular visitor. I feel I can take such good ideas forward to my support staff…if you don’t mind. In fact I’m trying to put together some basic training so may well ‘pick your brains’ for advice and guidance in the near future. Continue the good work…and many thanks. Kath

  • Manisa Saujani

    Hi Linda
    I had already visited this blog before but the incentive to win the book has made me visit again and today I looked at it with different eyes…the displays are really inspiring especially the ones that show the huge efforts made by children and an equally (or more) greater efforts and imagination used by teaching assistants in creating the imaginative displays. With displays no longer the responsibility of teachers, teaching assistants have to constantly be on the lookout for fresh ideas…Thank you for providing that inspiration..

  • Jody Hayes, NZ

    Let me be the first to say ‘I’d love ot win a copy’. But more importantly thank you for blogging all the great displays you do – it is like a wonderful wee window into others classrooms, ideas etc and it prompts me to be more reflective aobut my class displays. Often it sows a seed of an idea that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. So most of all THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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