Science Displays in Secondary

Science Displays in secondary

Science Displays in secondary need to be eye catching and useful.

New in the Classroom Displays Flickr Group from NQT Mr Chapman comes this secondary (high school) science display .

I’ve had several high school staff on the Classroom Displays course this year asking for help with science displays in secondary schools. and there is a growing feeling that displays are becoming more important in high schools. That all set me thinking about just what’s available in the way of displays advice for teachers of older classes.

Useful Display Books for Science Displays in Secondary

Here are some links to articles I’ve written about books that might be helpful . The first one is aimed at secondary teachers:

Design for Learning
The next 2 are aimed at primary but the information about the basics of design holds true whatever the age range. These both have long extracts that are available to read here on the blog:
Interactive Projects
Bulletin Boards That Capture Them with Pizzazz
The displays they describe are mostly relevant to primary but the last one has a good chapter on basic design.
Finally there is an excellent free pdf from Dr David Smawfield’s site.Look at the  School and Classroom Display Handbook. This gives a really clear set of basic display guidelines to follow what ever the age of the learners.

Useful Sites with Free Science Displays in Secondary Resources

On my travels round the internet preparing this post I found some very useful sites with free (mostly) science related posters suitable for older students. Some were  to download, others could be ordered in the UK.

1. Secondary maths posters, postcards and more from love the Maths on the Underground series and the Origami posters

2. Chemistry Resources from the RSC -Discover Chemistry 8 free Careers Posters



3. Tomorrows Engineers site has some great stuff. My own favourite is the large What is Engineering? poster. It  is really detailed and would be great blown up into a really huge image using Blockposter. (Blockposter tutorial post)

Have you found any great books or resources for  science displays in secondary?



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