Student Art 3

I really liked this collection of art work from a middle school in the USA but it has now been deleted by its owner on Flickr.

The work itself was very high quality but also it had been thoughtfully displayed. I liked the use of a single background rather than individual work being mounted. I’m not totally sure about the border. It did pick up on the colours used in the paintings but it might have been just a little bit busy.

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3 thoughts on “Student Art

  • Tina

    LOL, xJuliex!
    After taking an initial look at the photo and reading the description, I was thinking the same thing….you either didn’t have much choice of borders, or were too busy to change it. =)
    On top of changing my classroom bulletin boards frequently, I also do school ones….our school has a monthly rotation for the bulletin boards around the school. Unless the colors totally clash with my students’ work, I don’t bother changing the borders in the interest of saving time.

    I love your students’ paintings….such beautiful, vibrant colors!

  • xJuliex

    Hi, this is my picture. I agree about the border. Unfortunately I had to go with what the principal wanted. That was the choice, even though I don’t like it as well. What can you do?

  • ArtGuy

    I agree about the border. The little extra somethings should never draw attention away from the focal point – in this case, the cool student pictures.

    I would have used a darker brown border here or perhaps no border at all. With the borders on the artworks, the board doesn’t really need something fancy.

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