Using targets in displays

The Learning Environment Blog is a new blog based in 4 Primary Schools in York. They are looking at using displays to promote children’s awareness of their targets.

Classroom Curricular Target Displays

This target display from Y2 at Tang Hall Primary provides a constant reminder for the class.

The school’s curricular targets are differentiated for each yeargroup so that all children are working to achieve appropriate, age-related expectations.
Targets are clearly displayed in each classroom, so that children are aware of what they are working towards.

I find this particularly interesting as one of the critisisms of my school in the recent OFSTED report was exactly that! When questioned outside the classroom context none of the children asked had a clue what their targets were. Can displays make the difference? It seems unlikely as every classroom in my school has targets prominantly displayed both on walls and in children’s books.

Can a teacher (or more likely TA!) produced display like this actually involve the children enough to make sure they take ownership of their own learning and targets ? I’m unconvinced.

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