What do you get someone who makes classroom displays for Christmas? 3

Staple Remover

Speaking as a maker of classroom displays this has to be one of my favourite ever Christmas gifts! The best tool in the world for removing staples from wall displays. It beats all the other versions and is infinitely better than a pair of scissors. Even if it slips it won’t hurt you. The staples stay on it and don’t fall on the floor.
Ideal stocking filler for all makers of classroom displays.
If you were feeling really generous you might splash out on a really good book as well. Have a look at our Bookshop for inspiration.


John likes this one and I have to say it looks like it would do the job!
Staple remover

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3 thoughts on “What do you get someone who makes classroom displays for Christmas?

  • Linda Post author

    Hi John & Lille

    Hmm the old fashioned kind can be a bit hard on the nails. A good staple gun is a great idea. I was thinking too maybe their own personal laminator if you are feeling really generous.
    It’s just called a staple remover and you can get them from big office suppliers like Staples in the UK (cost about £3.50)

  • John Johnston

    Hi Linda,
    I’ve always preferred the old fashioned kind. You could also get them a really good staple gun with 13mm (I think) staples.

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