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From Cefn Fforest Primary comes a nice idea you might want to include in next year’s planning. Hands Around the World (sadly no longer running) was a web exchange with a difference. One of the drawbacks of things like this is that children can put large amounts of effort into their thing to send off and then time pressures or postal problems mean that the other schools don’t always respond.
However this one is different. Instead the hand templates are filled in and all sent to a central clearing house. You then get back a packet with a selection of hands from all over the world.
I agree it doesn’t have the impact of something like Postcards from Virtual Friends but it’s still a lovely thing to do.

You need to register if you are going to do it though as the timing is quite tight.

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2 thoughts on “Hands Around the World

  • Linda Post author

    Hi Paul,thanks for the offer but I’m not actually in a school myself these days. I’m not Welsh but a Scot 🙂 My partner’s Welsh though, will that do? :-P. I read both your blog and Mr Stacey’s .

  • Paul Harrington

    Thanks for publicizing this it is great fun to be involved in 🙂 Yes the timing is quite tight but they do the HAW twice during the year if you post me an e-mail address I can forward the latest e-mail I’ve had from them.
    I followed this link from Dave Stacey – do I take it that you are a Welsh person as well 🙂

    Paul Harrington Cefn Fforest Primary

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