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Hetty’s friends, originally uploaded by LMH_.

Posted here with permission these are some wonderful classroom displays, originals by jaydee67 of the TA forum

We did a project a couple of years ago when ‘Hetty Hen’ came to visit the school. Hetty is a toy hen who had a rucksack, sleeping bag, chicken food and a letter of introduction. The story was she had been travelling the world and had come to our school to stay for a while. Each child got the chance to take her home for a night and take a photo or 2 with a disposable camera, they then wrote their ‘Hetty Adventures’. I posted a similar request to this one on a couple of boards I am a member of and Hetty started to get postcards from all over the world. Places she had supposedly visited. Some people even sent the souvenirs they had been ‘looking after’ for her until she got to our school. One person even posted her ‘friend’ a toy horse who wanted to see Shetland, others ent a series of cards over a few weeks. There are some very kind people out there.We had a display of the world map and all the cards and letters – the postie was almost mugged daily for a while by children hoping for the next card. Good fun.



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  • Sarah Hackett

    I want Hetty to come and stay with me! What a lovely idea. You can really get involved with the story of this display.

  • John Blake

    I really like your photos. I will share this with our tech team members as a way to use technology in their school.

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