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This display is a work in progress. I’ll post updates as it builds up.
We painted the map on white paper then cut it out & put it up on the back wall. First lesson next term we’ll get the children to use atlases to help me put the labels on it. I’ve already printed & laminated them all.
Painting the map caused lots of excitement about the topic and some of our visual & kinesthetic learners enjoyed helping. It was interesting to see them workout how visual information could be transferred from the atlas to the larger scale painting.
“You need to move that border a bit this way miss”
“It curves more like that ”
Putting on the mountains led to a long discussion about whether they really were marked in exactly the right spots on the atlas or if it was
“..just to show you there are mountains in this general bit.”
I promised that next term we’ll go on GoogleEarth and have a look at the satelite images to do a comparision.
All this good learning went on not in formal lesson time but on the second last morning of term. The children were intrigued by what I was doing and just got themselves involved. (Interestingly enough they were exactly the children I would have predicted would enjoy this sort of approach from their learning skills survey.) I wish more of school could be like this!

I hope we’ll also be able to access the Chembakolli children’s blog.

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