The Great Fire of London 1

great fire of London display

The Great Fire of London display

The Great Fire of London Display

I like this The Great Fire of London display from Clare. The use of a black background with the red mounting and border emphasises the dramatic nature of the subject. I think the flame shaped ‘fast facts’ work well too. I’d like to have seen the children’s work mounted onto red too and perhaps even shaped like the facts. It might be petty of me but I’d also like the work to be either lined up straight or deliberately skewed – just off square grates on my visual senses 🙂

One of the less obvious things that helps the display is the choice of lettering font. Clare has used a serif font (perhaps Times New Roman) like those used for headlines in the broadsheet newspapers. This subtly adds authority to the heading, as does the use of white lettering on a black background. It is rather like newsprint in negative. It is tempting to use a gothic font for this Great Fire of London displays but they are hard for year 2 to read. Later on in keystage 2 they will find it easier, maybe when looking at Tudors.

The Great Fire of London is an important topic for Year 2 history. The QCA guidelines gave a good framework for dealing with what could be a difficult subject for Keystage 1 and seemed to have the level about right.

With more TAs finding themselves teaching classes like History to cover PPA time I think we’ll see lessons sticking even closer to old copies of the QCA or more local variants. It would be a shame though if they didn’t take the chance to explore some of the more interesting web based resources for the topic.

  • The Museum of London has a game which would be fun on the IWB and an image bank with downloadable images from the period. Best of all is there is a suggested activities section which is all aimed at keystage 1.
  • Samuel Pepys’London is an interesting site but it’s going to need a lot of interpreting for Year 2
  • Simon Haughton’s Infant Encyclopedia Great Fire  section is interesting and age appropriate.

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