Twin Castles

twin castles
Sandaig Primary’s Class 4M have been making a display for their classroom and blogging about it. They were kind enough to allow me to post it here.

Primary 4m’s topic this term is Knights and Castles.
We made ‘twin castles’ for our art last week.
Here is what we did.
We had this equipment:
Coloured paper, one sheet of white card, scissors, glue, and a pencil.
First we drew a castle on the coloured paper. We had to cut it out in one piece. We had to glue the castle and the outline of the castle on to the card. We had to be careful to leave a space between the pieces of paper and to line them up.
We had to cut out doors, windows, moon and a flag to stick on.
It was fun and they look really good up on the wall.

Primary 4 M.

I wanted to use their display so I was delighted to see their reply:

Linda, we would be honoured if you used our picture in ‘The Classroom Displays Blog’.
We hope you are having a nice time
Primary 4

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