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I’m thinking what to do for our Viking display in year3. This longship might be a good starting point. I’ve done it before, when I was working in year 3 last, the year before this one was made, but I don’t seem to have a photo of it. The shields are paper plates than the sail is a painted sheet. Making the prow was great fun the year we did it and I know someone in year 3 who draws great dragons! I’ll post the photo in a few weeks when we move back to our old classroom.

Update: 2007. I’ve moved on but my replacement will be starting this display soon. (These are for you Janet!) So here are a few photos to show the display in progress.

The prow is made with crumpled brown tissue paper soaked in diluted PVA (1:3) stuck onto card – we had a good chat about why Vikings had a beast at the front of the ship whilst we did this:

the prow

The boat is painted paper and the sail is painted cloth. (I kept our sail – try the store cupboard)

sail and boat 1

The 3d effect is enhanced by making a card support to attach the boat to the board. It involved some creative use of the staple gun and a cunningly hidden cardboard box stapled to the middle of the board 🙂

3d underpinnings

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  • F Morgan

    I love your longboat!!! Well done it is inspirational, just exactly what I am planning for year 3/4.

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