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Originally by Elly

This is a lovely display for an ICT suite or a classroom. Databases are revisted every year in the current KS2 curriculum but it can be hard to make an interesting display out of them. In some ways I like the approach taken in the Greenwich scheme where the intial concepts are explored without using the computers at all. Greenwich uses clowns but the display could easily be adapted. The teddies (or clowns) could be used as visual teaching aids before then being moved onto the display.

Making the teddies can be a time consuming business especially if it’s done by a lone teaching assistant. Much better to have the teaching assistant make them with groups, especially children who need a multi-sensory approach to their learning. During the making of the teddies the teaching assistant can help the children start to explore the concepts they will need for the sessions. This is really valuable learning time and shouldn’t be overlooked. Ideally this can be fitted in before the actual topic starts. It’s always tempting to keep the teddies for next year but it’s much better to do it fresh otherwise the learning opportunity is lost.

A display like this can be built up over a number of sessions which helps to keep it fresh and interesting. Referring to it in session introductions can refresh children’s understanding of concepts and it can even help to form part of the final assesment if a formative approach is taken.

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4 thoughts on “Database Teddies

  • Linda Post author

    Thanks for your comment Tehmina. I’d love to see some displays from Pakistan. Perhaps you’d like to join the Classroom Displays Group upload some of yours?
    It’s really easy to join and doesn’t cost anything to store up to 200 photos on Flickr. You’d be very welcome 🙂

  • tehmina nadeem

    beautiful work,im impressed.iam a teacher in pakistan and love the way you have displayed your idea!

    • Sam

      nice idea, you are a teacher in Pakistan, have you used this idea in your teaching?

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