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Materials display

Materials in Year 1- Tattiebogle

A 3D Display This is a lovely example of a using three dimensional element on a display to add interest. The scarecrow is stuffed with straw and dressed with a variety of fabrics, papers, buttons and even a feather. The children have also added scraps to their own written work which has also been mounted and put round the display. Photographs of the making of the scarecrow show the children working on him and sorting the materials to be used. This display was originally sent…

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Classroom Displays – Rainy Day Reads

Classroom Displays of Project Work Following on from the Renoir Umbrellas and as a further part of the Take One Picture 2009 project comes this excellent classroom displays idea from Caroline Lennox. Caroline is a member of the Classroom Displays Flickr group and she also has a very fine blog (Learning Parade) In her blog post Rainy Day Reads Caroline explains more about the process of designing and making the display. The class first explored lots of illustrated children’s books about rain from the library.…

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Classroom Displays on the blogs

Karens Violetbliss: Classroom Displays Found this lovely classroom display in my travels round the blogs. Karen says: Our veteran teacher, Melanie, but together this display which includes artwork from all of our programs from the 2 year olds fruit, the three year olds paper plate turtles and an art that I did with the kindergartens of the old tortoise using watercolor paint and a saran wrap wrinkle effect to create the cracks of the old tortoise. I like this very much, especially the tortoises.I think…

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On safari – a jungle in the classroom

Transformational classroom displays are particularly popular in early years and key stage 1 settings. This reading area has become a jungle, complete with an elephant,lion and tiger. Most of the animals have been made and painted by the children, with some adult assistance. The result is a high interest area with lots to talk about. Making displays like this can be a huge stimulus for speaking and listening but once the display is up staff often need to make an effort to remember to keep…

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