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Story Starters, originally uploaded by Glazgow.

You can’t have too many ideas for story starter classroom displays. Here’s another gem and this time the phrases have come from the class:

The children did a “Walkabout, Talkabout” and came up with all the ideas for Where, When, Who and What could happen in a story.

They now use the display to help them chose characters, setting etc for their story writing.

I like the use of colour in this display. The colours actually add meaning helping the children to classify the phrases. It’s also not too busy.
Story Starters
Using the class to generate the scenarios and phrases is much more powerful than just providing them.They will feel more ownership of the display if they know it is based on their ideas. It is just vitally important that the staff resist the temptation to just pop up the same words next year, as they’ve got them already laminated 🙁 This sort of recycling happens too often and when it does engaging classroom displays lose much of their impact.

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4 thoughts on “An Interactive Story Starters Wall Display

  • amanda

    This is just like a display I would do! Interactive and organised, well done 🙂

    • Linda Hartley Post author

      Glad you like it Amanda. I think the use of colour on this display is really important too.

  • Angie

    Awesome idea for March reading month. At out school it’s all about writing stories. The classroom even have publishing parties. It’s all very cool.

    I will be passing a long this idea.

  • EveT

    I love this – I think the organisation of it is what appeals to me – this would have been fantastic when I was working in KS1

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