Classroom Displays for Thanksgiving or Christmas


Most classroom displays for Thanksgiving are too specific to be easily adapted for use in the UK classroom. This one, from the usually brilliant MrsF, is an exception. I think the disguised turkeys are great fun. There’s lots of opportunity for text rich learning and creativity.

This display could easily be used for just about any primary age group. This is in a kindergarten classroom but I can imagine it giving Year 6 a great deal of fun! Celebrity turkeys perhaps? 🙂 The Simpsons as turkeys? The placard writing could be extended as well, the turkeys could write an alternative Christmas recipe book perhaps.

Of course it doesn’t have to be in the classroom. Displays like this work well in the hall and that means that several year groups can combine their work. There’s lots here for creative teachers and classes to work on and it’s a bit more original than some more obvious Christmas classroom displays.

I will be doing a number of posts on classroom displays for Christmas over the next few days.

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