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This is an interesting numeracy display which a 4th grade (Year 3) class have done. It’s obviously been the result of a whole class activity and I think using the children’s own hand prints makes quite a strong impact.

I do think it could have been more clearly labelled though. It’s not always obvious what operation has been performed and that could have been used to advantage. Had it been a classroom display a bit more interactivity could have been added with questions and cards on string to turn over to see if you were right.

Although I like the idea of the display I think it’s a bit messy. The layout spills over the edge of the board in a slightly random way which I don’t think works. I would have preferred to see it within a frame and with more even spacing. But then I’m a bit fussy like that 🙂 Actually, classroom displays that aren’t mounted absolutely straight and evenly spaced drive me nuts!

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3 thoughts on “Hallway Display – Slide/Flip/Turn hand project

  • sandra

    Great activity. Did it with my grade 3’s on a friday afternoon…they had fun with it. We posted them on our “math wall”. Thanks for sharing the idea!

    • Linda Post author

      Glad you found it useful Sandra 🙂 Love Room 17’s Kandinsky circles!

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