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Interactive Maths Display

It can be hard to get creative with numeracy classroom displays. Here’s a lovely interactive numeracy idea to challenge early finishers. It’s also great use of the, slightly grim, brick corners many classrooms have. Rosa says:

Children have various questions to answer. This is used at the beginning of the lesson and the end, for those ‘what do I do now ?’ times.


This display could be adapted for any age just by varying the questions based on their current targets. The questions are colour coded and differentiated so they give a great opportunity for independent work.

The laminated digits and posters make this an almost instant display and, by varying the questions over the year, it can have a permanent place in the classroom. If you look closely you’ll see there is even a space underneath the questions for the children to post their solutions:


Quick to make, easy to copy with an element of interaction and space for children’s voice. All together a really great use of classroom displays as learning objects.

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6 thoughts on “Interactive numeracy display – Maths Questions

  • Hazira hussain

    Hello!! I really like this idea…I was wondering do you have the resources already made for this display that you could send me, it would save me a lot of time having to redo them.

    Kind regards

    • Linda Hartley Post author

      Sorry Hazira, I’ve no resources available for this one.

  • Linda Post author

    Yes Emma, your stuff looks really interesting. I will try to do a proper post about it sometime in the next couple of weeks.

  • Emma

    Hi Linda – Have you seen the free resources Numicon provide for helping to produce creative numeracy classroom displays?

    Maths display resources

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