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Language of the Month Display (1)

These wonderful language displays are courtesy of Joe Debono and his school Newbury Primary in Ilford, Redbridge in London.
Language of the Month Display (2)
Language of the Month Display

There are over 40 languages spoken in the school and Language of the Month was introduced to help the children to learn a little about and share each other’s languages.

As well as displays the initiative includes online audio visual resources and specially designed simple games.

I think the initiative is fantastic and it will give a real sense of validation and respect to children and their families for whom English is not their first language.

Online Resources and Downloads

The school hasn’t stopped there though. They’ve made all these resources freely available via their web site. You can hear children speaking simple words in their own languages, download the activity booklet which has suggestions for over a 100 games and other pdf files to help you put up your own language of the month displays.

I’m going to use it myself to try to master a few simple words from languages I might encounter amongst my students next year. How about you?

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6 thoughts on “Language of the month displays

  • Dawn Parks

    I also would love to check out this wonderful site as I am about to do my own ‘language of the month’ display for the whole school and I am desperate for ideas!!! However, the link does not appear to be working.
    Thank you.

  • heleen

    Hi Linda,

    I work on a primary school in the Netherlands. In a small village. We have many nationalities in our school. Dutch, Turkisch, Maroccan, Afganistan, Irak…. It’s nice to see the way you work with the languages!

  • Carrie

    The links aren’t working for some reason. I would really love to be able to check out their site and try this out in my own classroom! Thanks!

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