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Classroom Displays to Rescue Tired Words!

Wandering the web looking for word wall classroom displays to share with you I found a couple of interesting sites I’d not seen before. I’ll save the other site for my next word wall post, but thought you might like this idea as much as I did.

Tired Words!

Tired words want to go to sleep.

Let them rest! Don’t make a peep!

Try to use a synonym instead.

Let those tired words stay in bed!

I found the display on Cheryl Sigmon’s Four Blocks site (There are more great ideas there so do have a look around!) Cheryl says:

Laura Croglio, a teacher at Clinton Elementary in West Seneca, NY shared this idea during my recent visit to her school, “I have my students go to the Tired Words Wall to choose a synonym for an overused word. They pull the synonym they like from the pocket, take it back to their seat to make sure they spell the word correctly (possibly adding it to their personal dictionary), and returning it to the wall when they’re finished.”

I think this is an excellent interactive word wall display. I’ve used laminated interactive word walls before, and of course word banks in various forms but I’d not seen the pocket idea.

You could even adapt a transparent shoe tidy. I’ve got one somewhere, so I might just do that to show you what I mean! That would be more versatile and hard wearing. When you design for interaction you have to remember that little fingers can be rough and paper tears easily.

Also I think I might use a mixture of interesting fonts and colours for the words. If you’ve got the time and a steady hand I’ve found that using hand written laminated words can be very helpful, especially when children are just starting to join letters.

What are your favourite ways of using interactive word wall classroom displays?

Word wall ideas on the Four Blocks site

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8 thoughts on “Classroom Displays – More Word Walls

  • shaza

    Hi, I’m little confused about the category of the words’ bags which are on the wall? Some of them are verbs and others are, I just want to know how to classify the words into a right category.

    • Linda Hartley Post author

      Hi Shaza, I think you might over complicate things if you added parts of speech into the mix. At the moment the display targets over used words without specifying their usage. I’d be inclined to personalise it to your own class and simplify it so that you targeted specific words you felt were being over used. I’d pick no more than four or five words at any one time and change them quite frequently.

  • Shireen

    The idea of Word Wall is great for teaching the children new vocab words.

  • Aroha Shaw

    another idea I’ve used is laminating words then using hole punch make holes and put onto a ring…chn can take the whole ring back to their work….saves loosing words and words becoming put back into wrong pocket…..keeps them all together.

  • Cyndi

    Awesome! Love this… Working out different words..getting them “off the bench and playing again”! I can see this as a sports theme!

  • Elsie Boysen

    I love your idea for the Tired Words Wall! It is great way to encourage the use of synonyms. I was wondering if you had a list of all the synonyms or if you just compiled the words as you went along. Thanks! Elsie

    • Linda Hartley Post author

      Hi Elsie, this isn’t my display but I have worked on ones like this. I think it is more meaningful for the learners if they generate the synonyms themselves. They can start off listing their own ideas but also it is a great opportunity for using a classroom thesaurus or even on-line ones! Making the word cards can then be an ongoing learner activity, if you give them a template to type their word into. It is also a good activity for quick finishers, ideal for thos ‘What shall I do next’ moments.

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