Ideas for Phonics Displays

Today’s Ideas for Phonics Displays are brought to you by the pure ‘i’ sound.

A couple of people have posted on the Classroom Displays Facebook¬† Page recently looking for ideas for phonics displays and I’ve been really pleased and impressed with the willingness of people to help.


Kyle asked for help:
“Hello all, any ideas on a display whilst we are teaching the i-i-i pure sound?? thankyou :) For nursery age “
Here are just a few of the ideas the page likers came up with to help Kyle with the pure “i” sound.
  • An igloo with other i words on the bricks
  • Iguanas? Insects? Impossible insects – the children have to draw weird insects and they have to give them or make up a name that begins with the ‘i’ sound.
  • I think the insects sounds interesting! I can see randomly collaged insects with big googley eyes! Have fun!
  • I recently did a display on inchworms, there’s a great inchworm poem and story that I found on the internet.
  • Interesting Inventors – let them invent their own method to remember the sound. Or Ingriedients for a recipe; some insects & inventors ….
    Or the Interesting ball … The only people invited are I sounds …. Good luck
  • What about an interactive wall display where the children have to place a sticky backed cut out cartoon character or arrow above the ‘i’ that makes the ‘i’ sound
  • Incy wincy insect?
  • Use marbling inks to make insects or iguanas? Lots of i sound there!
  • Indian faces (native Americans) and the children colour mix variety of “feathers” and thread beads for the head dress …..

And then we had a breakthrough!

  • Kyle – it’s the sound a mouse makes, it’s from an old phonics scheme. Say it to your self in a squeaky voice and you’ll get it.
  • Ah, it’s Jolly Phonics, Inky the mouse spills black ink on herself. It goes to the tune of Hickory Dickory Dock so do a mouse and a grandfather clock, perhaps.
  • We do jolly phonics and yes it’s inky the mouse. We think it is a brilliant program. Alternatively I would make Indian headwear and play tee pees and Indians on the oval and run around being indians. Investigate jolly phonics, there’s HEAPS on you tube.
  • As a follow on from J.phonics- Impy ink dips his ink inot iii sounds- inky Indian, Inky igloo -they’ll have great fun inking these i sounds could be linked in with art.

Jolly Phonics Resources on Amazon

This whole box of Jolly Phonics resources is available on Amazon. Jolly Phonics has been around a long time but it is still very effective and widely used.

Not sure what Jolly Phonics is all about? Have a look at their web site Jolly Learning

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