Ideas for Phonics Displays

Today’s Ideas for Phonics Displays are brought to you by the pure ‘i’ sound.

A couple of people have posted on the Classroom Displays Facebook  Page recently looking for ideas for phonics displays and I’ve been really pleased and impressed with the willingness of people to help.


Kyle asked for help:
“Hello all, any ideas on a display whilst we are teaching the i-i-i pure sound?? thankyou 🙂 For nursery age “
Here are just a few of the ideas the page likers came up with to help Kyle with the pure “i” sound.
  • An igloo with other i words on the bricks
  • Iguanas? Insects? Impossible insects – the children have to draw weird insects and they have to give them or make up a name that begins with the ‘i’ sound.
  • I think the insects sounds interesting! I can see randomly collaged insects with big googley eyes! Have fun!
  • I recently did a display on inchworms, there’s a great inchworm poem and story that I found on the internet.
  • Interesting Inventors – let them invent their own method to remember the sound. Or Ingriedients for a recipe; some insects & inventors ….
    Or the Interesting ball … The only people invited are I sounds …. Good luck
  • What about an interactive wall display where the children have to place a sticky backed cut out cartoon character or arrow above the ‘i’ that makes the ‘i’ sound
  • Incy wincy insect?
  • Use marbling inks to make insects or iguanas? Lots of i sound there!
  • Indian faces (native Americans) and the children colour mix variety of “feathers” and thread beads for the head dress …..

And then we had a breakthrough!

  • Kyle – it’s the sound a mouse makes, it’s from an old phonics scheme. Say it to your self in a squeaky voice and you’ll get it.
  • Ah, it’s Jolly Phonics, Inky the mouse spills black ink on herself. It goes to the tune of Hickory Dickory Dock so do a mouse and a grandfather clock, perhaps.
  • We do jolly phonics and yes it’s inky the mouse. We think it is a brilliant program. Alternatively I would make Indian headwear and play tee pees and Indians on the oval and run around being indians. Investigate jolly phonics, there’s HEAPS on you tube.
  • As a follow on from J.phonics- Impy ink dips his ink inot iii sounds- inky Indian, Inky igloo -they’ll have great fun inking these i sounds could be linked in with art.

Jolly Phonics Resources on Amazon

This whole box of Jolly Phonics resources is available on Amazon. Jolly Phonics has been around a long time but it is still very effective and widely used.

Not sure what Jolly Phonics is all about? Have a look at their web site Jolly Learning

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