Literacy Word Search

Literacy wall word search, originally uploaded by loulrc.

Here’s an interesting idea for a corridor – a word search. This one is in a High School but I could see this working in Primary too. You could adapt this for other purposes as well. How about a series of Sudoku outside a maths room? (Plastic covered means the solutions can be rubbed off )
Lots of people enjoy word and number puzzles and whilst they may not encourage deep learning they do provide interest to a dull waiting area. There is some evidence that using them regularly enhances brain function.
One drawback with plastic covered corridor displays though can be the temptation to pick at them. Lou, who designed this one says:

Trouble with working in a secondary school though…we have to cover everythng with heavy duty plastic, and now the rotters have been picking out staples from that…best thing is to do the display, record it in its glory and send pics to the depts for CPD folders etc and OFSTED…

I wonder if anyone can suggest solutions to this or the reasons for it?

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