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Snow Dudes, originally uploaded by CharmingMilo.

I like this jolly selection of Snow Dudes. They are just the thing to cheer up a dull January day. Debbie writes:

We read a book in my classroom called “SnowDude” by Daniel Kirk. In the story, the kids make a “snow dude” who comes to life and runs away. He snowboards and acts wild. I had my students make their own snow dudes with mini books to match. This is the bulletin board outside my classroom.


And for anyone else who would like to make them: I used two patterns- one for the pants and one for the snow dude head/body. This way he looked more like the character from the story, with a big belly that hangs over his pants. The kids were allowed to choose whatever color paper they wanted for the pants.

The story of Snow Dude is also similar to The Gingerbread Man, so it makes for a great comparison lesson!

Futher Update:

My Favorite Snow Dude

I am getting ready to take the Snow Dudes bulletin board down to make room for the Valentine decorations and February projects. But I thought I’d snap a picture of my favorite little dude before I did so. The mini book with him says his snow dude likes to “belly slide down skiing hill and leave the other people running behind.

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