Numeracy Working Walls

Setting Up A Numeracy Working Area Numeracy working walls are becoming ubiquitous in UK primary classrooms but  they run the danger of becoming just a display. Displays that the children don’t connect with and use regularly quickly become ‘wallpaper’. I think it is important to put the emphasis on children using displays as a visual […]

Whiteboard Maths

Hallway Display – Slide/Flip/Turn hand project 3

This is an interesting numeracy display which a 4th grade (Year 3) class have done. It’s obviously been the result of a whole class activity and I think using the children’s own hand prints makes quite a strong impact. I do think it could have been more clearly labelled though. It’s not always obvious what […]

Interactive Maths Display

Interactive numeracy display – Maths Questions 6

It can be hard to get creative with numeracy classroom displays. Here’s a lovely interactive numeracy idea to challenge early finishers. It’s also great use of the, slightly grim, brick corners many classrooms have. Rosa says: Children have various questions to answer. This is used at the beginning of the lesson and the end, for […]