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Feelings, originally uploaded by angela_oxon.

I wonder if these are stock photos or photos of children in the school? I like the general idea of the display but I wonder if it might have more impact for SEN if these were familiar faces. This display is based in the SEN classroom.
There are some good, free, on-line resources for face reading including Rubberface That uses drawings or this one The Feelings (no longer available) game . I’ve used them with children with syntatic pragmatic disorder or just general speech and language difficulties.
On another note I wonder how much the border adds to this display. I’m assuming it is a pre-cut bought one. Personally I think it’s too busy and will distract children from the thrust of the display.
I like the interactive elements though. It might be fun to have 2 feelings wheels – then the person working with the children could express theirs as well!

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