Winter Classroom Displays – The Red, Red, Robin 2

Red Red Robin, originally uploaded by LindaH.

This is one of those classroom displays that works best on a large wall. The original was floor to (a fairly low) ceiling. This meant that the robins were quite a bit larger than life size!
The display looks impressive but it was fairly quickly done. The wall was backed with sugar paper. It was at the entrance to the classroom where it didn’t get direct sunlight so wouldn’t fade.The bare trees were made from old tights, the leaves at the bottom were re-cycled from the autumn display and the snow was just cotton wool. The titles just printed and cut out.
The main focus was on the making of the robins. This display was in the SERF unit which served a range of ages and abilities within the school. The robins had to be a simple design and yet leave room for the older children to express themselves. I think it has worked well from that point of view.
I spoke to the teacher and speech therapist involved in the display and they felt it was important that it was used as a starting point for lots of speaking and listening work. I love this commitment to making the display a regular part of the teaching strategy. It’s powerful stuff. The display evolved over several days and the children were involved at every stage.They also enjoyed singing the song 🙂
Some of the children found change very difficult so working on classroom displays like this gave lots of opportunity to prepare for the changing season.

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