What is a friend – anti bullying week 2008 2

What is a friend, originally uploaded by LindaH.

It’s Anti-bullying week at the moment and I thought as a change from previous years I’d pick out some more positive displays. Rather than being against something these displays promote things that will help to create a whole school culture where bullying is less acceptable. Let’s face it bullying isn’t an issue we can make a fuss about for one week a year and in many ways it’s much more important to change the ethos of the school.
I’m particularly fond of the next one as the idea for this hall display came from a child with some special needs who knew exactly the kind of school he needed, one where bullying just wasn’t tolerated.
Happy school
There’s an excellent article in this month’s Learning Support magazine about bullying and SEN which I wish every TA and teacher would read.
Of course there are also excellent resources on the Bullying UK site.

Classroom Displays for Anti-Bullying Week

Sunny Day

Anti-Bullying Week (Nov 19th-23rd) classroom displays can be done very quickly and without much fuss. This one was done by Year 3 in one morning as a cross curricular activity. It combined literacy, art and PSHE with lots of emotional intelligence and project based learning along the way. (Oh, and handwriting practice) The teacher and I provided anti-bullying leaflets and literature, access to the web, and lots of support and advice.
I already had the sun and the cloud. Actually, I made them with a year 1 class as props for an assembly about 7 years ago! 🙂
Children worked with talk partners, each pair produced a tear drop with a short poem about the feeling of being bullied, an example of bullying behaviour to go on the cloud and a strategy to use if someone tries to bully you to go on the sun.
Work was added to the display as soon as it was made so it developed over the course of the morning. By 12:15 we had a fine display and a room full of contented Year 3s who were feeling very pleased with themselves. (Not to mention three tired but happy adults.)
It was a great morning’s work and the room buzzed with that happy noise that classrooms full of happy learners make.
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There are some good resources for Anti-Bullying Week on these sites:

  • Teachers TV – lots of good quality videos for teachers to watch alone and some to watch with classes
  • Build you own posters online to print off (uses lots of ink!)

  • Special Person Bulletin Board

    Classroom Display
    Here’s a good idea for a classroom display that promotes ownership and involvement. Sally says:

    Each week someone is the Special Person. They get to embellish the board with whatever they want, do extra jobs for me and have their picture taken to be added to the hall of fame photoalbum I’ve made!…… another thing the special person gets to do…select the joke of the day from my joke book. The jokes are so cheesy it is unbelievable but they find them hilarious!

    I’ve worked in lots of classes where variations of this idea have been used but I like the way this one has been linked to the information about what’s happening this week. It draws the rest of the class in more. It made me wonder if there could be room for ‘ what we are learning this week’ on the board as well? If that could be documented, say with a few quick pictures and captions as the week went on, then the photo album could become a record of the year’s work too. What do you think?