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What is a friend – anti bullying week 2008 2

What is a friend, originally uploaded by LindaH. It’s Anti-bullying week at the moment and I thought as a change from previous years I’d pick out some more positive displays. Rather than being against something these displays promote things that will help to create a whole school culture where bullying is less acceptable. Let’s face […]

Classroom Displays for Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week (Nov 19th-23rd) classroom displays can be done very quickly and without much fuss. This one was done by Year 3 in one morning as a cross curricular activity. It combined literacy, art and PSHE with lots of emotional intelligence and project based learning along the way. (Oh, and handwriting practice) The teacher and […]

A Classroom Library

Our class library, originally uploaded by riaskiff. Creating a classroom library may not seem relevant to classroom displays but I think we need to consider all aspects of the learning environment and the way they work together when we plan displays. I want to highlight some of the more interesting classroom libraries that I’ve seen […]